sheryl Oppenheim

Black and White Studies is a zine published in the fall of 2016 by Small Editions, combining the images of Sheryl Oppenheim with the poetry of Janelle Poe. 

Poe’s poetry is a window into the anxieties, contradictions, and fear that figure so prominently into the daily lives of black women in America today. The poems in Black and White Studies span Poe’s weekday routine traveling by subway from Harlem to her part-time job as a bookkeeper in a high rise Financial District office building, to her participation in a protest in Herald Square, lying down on the street in the freezing cold, to an acrostic honoring the three women who founded the Black Lives Matter movement: Alicia, Opal, and Patrice. Poe, through her writing, generously gives those of us who have not had these experiences empathize and understand on a deeper level what is to be gained and lost in the fight for civil and human rights in America. Oppenheim’s images, generated from photographs of paintings and marbled drawings in her studio, include phrases used in protest chants and posters from the Black Lives Matter Movement.

100% of the sales of Black & White Studies were donated to Black Lives Matter.

Saddle stitched three color risograph zine
7 x 5.5 inches, 40 pages
Edition of 200 zines + 4APs